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Since 1939 the Pormade works to maintain the highest quality of its doors. The company has a remarkable role in the community and ecological preservation. With large areas of planted forests and a complete industrial park with 86,000 m² built, the Pormade controls the production of doors from his court. This structure allows the company to have one of the best quality standards in South America, with ISO 9001: 2008, ensuring the excellence of the production, sales and factory documentation process. And also, our product is manufactured with reforestation timber, certified. Planting the idea of ​​preserving and making the correct environmental management, we have the nature to our advantage, protect future generations and leave the world more alive.
The Kit Door Pormade and DRZ Ready consists of door leaf, stop, trimmings both ways, and the hole for the hardware. The foam may also include kits for fixing the work in the gaps and also the hardware (locks and hinges) that the plant is ready in stock.

The doors of the finish is in natural veneer to show the beauty of wood. The application of the varnish is done by robots, which ensures uniformity. The wood used for finishing of doors and jambs can be either natural (pre composite), or hot stamping (hot embossing process), ensuring durability against scratches (slight) in the work.
The door finish is in final or white primer paint. The final white port must enter as the last item of the work. The primer port must be sanded and given the proper coats of paint you want.